Zakgear is my contribution to the development of the advanced digital technology in application for gear drives. Zakgear presents a new approach for solving 
complex gear design and manufacturing problems. Zakgear covers variety of applications of the new method with numerous graphical examples and software samples. 
Zakgear if targeted on gear engineers, students and advanced gear professionals. The high-resolution 3-dimentional graphical simulations will help the beginners 
to learn this complicated area of mechanics. The software samples will be useful for every day work of engineers and for advanced gear software developers. With 
this web site I am responding to the numerous inquires regarding the more detailed information about the new numerical method for gear development. 
Dr. Stepan V. Lunin.

Low cost Hypoid-Worm gear for an automotive drive axle. Does not need hypoid generator for manufacturing. one pinion can be used with different face gears. Not sencitive to alignment of the pinion. __ HRH gear 41 to 2.

3-dimentional model of involute 23/3 worm gear set. ZAKGEAR software calculates contact pattern for aligned and misaligned gears. Can design oversized hob for localization of the tooth contact. __ 3-dimentional model of worm face gear. Worm face gear can replace a hypoid gear for about 50% of the cost and better performance. __ 3-dimentional model of worm face gear created for CAD 3 dimentional modeling on ZAKGEAR software. Direct Digital Simulation Model. __ US patent # 6148683 __ 3-dimentional CAD models. ZAKGEAR has experience with different complicated gear designes. __ 3-dimentional model. Variable ratio rack and pinion drive is common in automotive steering systems. The CAD model of variable ratio rack calculated on ZAKGEAR software for EDM forging tool. __ 3-dimentional model of involute 47/13 face gear set. Crown face gear can improve a split torque transmission like an automotive drive axle or a couterrotating rotor of a helicopter. 3-dimentional model of WN 27/7 face gear set. Using a not involute tooth form allows to improve the geometry on a crown face gear. Reduce undercut on the gear tooth root.

Contact pattern for different offsets of a hypoid automotive gear. New discoveries in WN gear geometry. Wildhaber Novikov tooth geomtry allows to increase driving efficiency and not necessery increase loading capacity. FEA for Gears. Optimization of gear tooth root design as an advanced alternative to AGMA I, J fator method. Principal curvatures on different tooth surfaces calculated on ZAKGEAR Direct Digital Simulation software. Split gear.

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