Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. What kind of software did you use to create the images? A. We are writing our own software that can do such of nice visualization of the calculation results. The software is written in VB with OpenGL.

Q. How do you verify that your software provides accurate results? A. Most of the gear software providers use reverse engineering for evaluation the computer programs. This is not mathematically accurate way to verify the accuracy because of reverse engineering measurements are not exact. Our software is evaluated by an alternative mathematical calculation based on an alternative method. It is almost impossible to have the same error for absolutely different calculation methods. But we also use the real cutting for an additional verification.

Q. Your web site is very interesting and images are good. But the question is what to do with it? How does one can benefit from the information on the web site? A. We have exposed the nice images as an example what the modern software output may look like. The high resolution colored image provides more accurate information. Most of modern CAD programs have extended options for the visual output. Our images are an example of what is currently available for gear technology.

Q. How does the driving efficiency of your worm face gear compare to the efficiency of a worm gear? A. At 20:1 ratio the driving efficiency of a Worm Face gears is 5-8% higher compare to a worm gear. At 30:1 ratio the Worm Face gear is about 12% more efficient.

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