Worm Face gear software.

By Dr. Stepan V. Lunin.

Download sample IGES file in WinZIP (450Kb).

The Worm Face gear software has been developed to help in design and manufacturing. It generates a 3 dimensional model of the gear set that can be used for CAD modeling, rapid prototyping and CMM inspection.

Start screen.

Main screen of worm face gear design and manufacturing software.

The program uses Direct Digital Simulation Method.Learning the most advanced gear technology from ZAKGEAR. 
3d gear software samples. Gear CAD models. for geometry calculation of the tooth surface. The program simulated manufacturing of the gear by hobbing. The pinion geometry can be generated by cutting or grinding.

Optional start screen.

Optional starting screen of worm face gear manufacturing software.

Manufacturing pinion data input:

Pitch, lead, helix angle, grinding wheel profile. Manufacturing input

Gear cutting manufacturing setup input and 3 dimentional gear tooth surface window:

Offset, ratio, speed, hob setting angle. Manufacturing machine summary.

Pinion design data input:

Input of gear design parameters.

Pinion inspection screen.

CMM gear inspection parameters. Profile, lead, spacing error, accumulated spacing error.

Pinion theory screen:

The theory of gearing from ZAKGEAR. Mathematical description of the gear geometry.

Practical applications of Worm Face gear.

A number of reliable worm face gear actuators have been built to work at freezing temperature of 55C on oil gate valve actuators.

Using worm face gear improves performance at low -70F temperature.

Worm Face gears are more reliable against jamming. Most of the time Worm Face gearboxes continue to operate with broken teeth and metal tooth fractions around the mesh. Unlike the planetary gears the worm is less likely get jammed with a metal particle because the worm has a tendency to squeeze the particles out of the mesh.

Using worm face gear improves performance of electro mechanical flight control actuators at temperature. Relaiability of a worm face gear against jamming
is comparable to a hydravlic cylinder, that allows to use worm face gear actuators for primary flight controls.

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