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"Dear mister Zak
We found your site on the Internet. We were very impressed.
Can you please send us some more data about yourself, your work and job at
the general motors and of course about the site. What is the aim of the site
and for who did you put all this on the Internet?
We intent to mention the site on the Internet-page in our professional
magazine Aandrijftechniek. This monthly has always one page on which we
mention some sites which might be interesting for our readers.
Our trade magazine Aandrijftechniek (= Drive-technology) publishes about
electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic power transmission and drive
systems, control systems and sensors…"

"Dear Sir,
We are interested in your Gear software…."

"I was interviewing Russian Ph.D. gear specialist for a position
in R&D GLEASON department. He says that he worked with Mr. Zak in Russia.
He also mentioned that Mr. Zak never had any gear education.
Mr. Zak can make good gear pictures but he does not have an idea what gears are..."

"Your models violate 20 laws of gearing. We still do not have PC based gear software
for our gear machines because thousands lines of codes in our FORTRAN programs.
It is impossible to simulate spiral bevel gear geometry with 16 lines program."

"It was a great pleasure for me to visit Your site.
I'm not sure in my english and in Your host programm's ability
to work with russian alphabet, so I send the following part
of my letter as an applied file…"

"I am passing this question to Mr Boris Zak because he
may know it more than I. His web site is, where you can see an animation of a
variable ratio gear set. Good Luck."

"Dear Mr. Zak:
I recently visited your web site and learned that you have developed a new
software to simplifying the design of all types of gears, and much
interesting is that of "Globoid"…. "

"Hi Zak,
Thanks for the information. I am still interested in your developments, but
just have been a little busy. This Friday afternoon just did not want to
work so I went to your website. Good stuff. I really like your claim that
gear theory will be useless, because that is mostly our problem--fundamental

I am from ITW TECH CENTER. I am interested in the 3D gear
models. Please provide me the capability of your software or call me..."

I just visited your web page and your impressive graphics (along with
simulations). I have been working over the years on software development
regarding the concurrent design and manufacture of generalized gear pairs.
To date, I am able to display some graphs similar to yours but yet to
animate. Further, I have generated some STL files where I have had some
strange gear elements produced using RP. The gear elements work fine. One
difficutly I am having is getting my files in other file formats. I would
like file formats such as DXF (for autocad importing and display).
Further, I would like to have the files in other formats for displaying (as
you have with the line drawings). Moreover, I would like to get these
files in a format (something where I can generate g-codes) such that I can
mill them using a CNC milling machine. Do you have any suggestions…"

"Hi, I was wondering if there was any chance I could get a DXF or 3DMF
version of your crown gear model. Your gear models are definitely the best
I've been able to find on the web."

I've just come across you website of gears. Nice…"

"I have just visited your website, I was impressed with
the range of analysis…"

" Hello -
I am interested in 3D CAD generation for gears. Judging by your nifty
web page animations, you have such a product. I would like to get
more information about it…"

Hello! -
I love the gears on your website. They're very cool. I want to learn how to draw and model them in 3D. Do you know of books that teaches how to draw the involute curves, gear profiles and model them in 3D...etc? Please tell me those sources. You seem to be an expert on it. Maybe you could write a book on how to model them.

Dear Sir:-
Just found your website and am very pleased at what we saw. Looks like we will not have to develop from scratch. We are a plastic molder of gears and have been in business since 1961. Our firm was one of the pioneers in plastic gearing in the 1960s and now we are looking to launch a line of standard plastic gear boxes with the helical, throated face gear geometry much like what we have seen on your website.

Good morning Mr Stepan Lunin,-
I am a student in a engineering school called the ENSAM (école nationale supérieure des Arts et Métiers), in Metz (East of France) I actually work on the Wildhaber Novikov gears. The aim of my project is to build several gears with a software called Catia, and then i have to study their behavior ( flexion, contact, etc...) That's why i contact you.Seeing your very good site, i would like to know if you could tell me: -How you build these gears,(what are your surfaces equation of the tooth, why is the software you use to make the modelling of these gears) -what must i do to buy your book entitled "Direct Digital Simulation for gears". I would be very pleased if you answer my email I really apologise for my english (more than bad). My sincere greeting.

Hello Stephan,-
I came across your web site last night and I must compliment you on your site and your innovative approach to gear analysis and design.

Dear Sir,-
I was very impressed to read about your research in area of Gear Design. I needed a soultion for designing Straight Bevel Gears. We are a part of multimillion dollar component Manufacturing Company.I myself have spent 3years now in the field of Designing bevel gears. Can you advice us on this very critical matter? We would be willing to pay for your consultancy and guidance.
Thanking You,
Design Engineer

"Nice website!…"

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