ZAKGEAR CAD Software generates 3d model of variable ratio rack.

By Dr. Stepan V. Lunin.

Download sample IGES file.

Video demonstration on "spiralbevel" YouTube channel.

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All Formula One cars are equiped with variable ratio steering systems for better handling.

Because Zakgear CAD software is based on Direct Digital Simulation method it is capable to generate higher ratio gain racks used in Formula One racing. This is the only existing variable ratio software capable to use different tooth forms such as Wildhaber, Novikov, Dual Contact or any other tooth forms on the generating pinion in order to provide increased ratio gain, smoother operation and better handling of the steering system that will eventually provides an advantage in racing and reduces probability of mishandling and collisions.
Formula One racing cars are equiped with variable ratio rack and pinion steering systems that prevents mishandling situations.

Variable ratio rack and pinion program is based on the following publication:
Direct Digital Simulation Method.Learning 
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3d gear software samples. Gear CAD models.

Typical manufacturing process of variable ratio rack:

1) Use variable ratio software to generate CAD file of variable ratio rack tooth surface: IGES, Parasolid, STEP.
2) Use CAD file for 3-axis CNC milling of the final rack or for EDM electrode.

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