Composite Gear for Ratcheting one way clutch used in wrenching tools.

Reference: United States Patent 5,875,693

Abstract: "…a body formed entirely of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic material with gear insert molded therein…"

US Patent 5,875,693. Fiber reinforced composite material is molded over the steel ring gear insert

United States Patent 5,875,693 describes a design concept and manufacturing method of a composite ring gear. The composite ring gear, as it is described in the patent, consist of two parts: a metal ring gear insert and fiber reinforced composite housing.

US Patent 5,875,693. Steel ring gear and the fiber reinforced composite housing

While it is common knowledge that a ring gear can be made as an assembly of two different parts the current patent is targeted the method of bonding the metal ring gear insert and the fiber reinforced composite exterior.

The other interesting improvement proposed by this patent is using unidirectional filaments-fibers in combination with randomly oriented fibers for process if over molding the ring gear.

US Patent 5,875,693. Over molding of fiber reinforced composite material about the metal gear insert.

Samples of composite ring gears can be purchased from Snap-On Tools. A ratchet wrench handle assembly is sold for about $130US.

US Patent 5,875,693. Snap-On Tools. Composite ring gear with fiber reinforced composite plastic housing

The pictures show the original composite ring gear sold by Snap-On Tools and the variations of the original tool with different options of the fiber reinforced plastic composite handle. The modified handle was made by cutting off the excessive composite material. Obviously different shapes of the composite housing can be produced including the presented here a claw looking shape and a lever looking shape.

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