Since 1980 I have been involved in design and manufacturing of gears with leading automotive, marine, oil/gas, mining, and aerospace companies around the world. In 1986. While working on helicopter gears, I have developed my first software for 3d simulation of spiral bevel gear tooth geometry and tooth contact pattern based on manufacturing summary of Gleason gear cutting machines. The new method of gear geometry simulation was used for the first time in production of helicopter spiral bevel gears in 1987. Accurate 3d modeling of the gear tooth surface has become very useful for commercial applications. In 1998 I started educational ZAKGEAR.com and developed advanced engineering software library for General Motors which included 3d CAD modeling programs for worm face gears, worm gears, ball screws, variable ratio racks, helical gears. The accurate 3d modeling of spiral bevel and other gears has become popular since 2008 when 5-axis CNC machining of spiral bevel gears entered practical production. DMG, MAZAK, Breton, Overton, Brad Foote, Metso, NOV, Boeing, GM, UTC, Sandvik, Volvo, Rolls-Royce, NASA and other companies in 50 countries used my 3-d models and software to cut gears 3d CAD 5-axis CNC machines. In 2008 I started spiralbevel.com in order to focus more on practical gear cutting. However, zakgear.com remains a good scientific educational source for deeper understanding of my 3d modeling methods. ZAKGEAR covers some of the methods from this book Direct Digital Simulation.

Dr. Stepan V. Lunin. drlunin@spiralbevel.com +1 (949) 378-0941


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